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The history of Château Grattequina

Grattequina_histoire_03Its restoration by the Hue family

This elegant 19th century building is left unattended after a succession of owners. It owes its restoration by the determination of the Hue family.

In 1986, Xavier and Colette Hue bought the agricultural lands surrounding the château. The storm of 1999 damaged significantly the roof, putting it in danger. Consequently, they decided to get into a vast action of restoration mixing authenticity and modern comfort. After four years of work, the Hues opened this boutique hotel. Managed by Stéphane Hue, Château Grattequina offers 10 elegant rooms in a quiet setting. The château’s novelty: Grattequina’s speedboat enables to join the center of Bordeaux by the river, which highlights the special location of the château along the Garonne River.

Grattequina_histoire_06The isle of Grattequina

Locality formed from the isle of Blanquefort, the name Grattequina is mentioned on the 1806 land register and written as Gratte Qui N’a on the register of 1843. This name originates from its clay soil, full of alluvium coming from the river. Thus, one had to scrape ( gratter in French) the soil a lot in order to cultivate it. In the 19th century, the development of boating required a new layout of the Garonne River to get only one wider and deeper channel. The isle of Grattequina is then connected to the bank in 1860.

Frédéric Gièse, a merchant of Bordeaux, became the owner of the new lands between the isle and the left bank of the Garonne. In 1869, he called on Louis Michel Garros, an architect of Bordeaux, in order to erect a sumptuous building on the former isle of Grattequina.

Grattequina_histoire_02The Château of Grattequina

Built in 1872, the château is surrounded by vineyards at the gateway of Bordeaux, on the road to the Medoc. The prestige of the building arises from the achievement of Frédéric Gièse.

The architecture of Grattequina is characterized by a solid base in order to display the prominence of its owner, protect the building from the floods and accommodate with the service on one level.

Thus, the ground level is devoted to domestic life. The first floor, surrounded by a large terrace, serves the chatelain’s luxurious life: a wide living room, a dining room, an office and a library. The other two floors are occupied by ten bedrooms for friends and family.


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